Workshop 2021 – Human Behavior Pattern Recognition & Analysis

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How to predict violence in states where the armed conflict is at its peak?

The US Marine Corps faced a similar problem during the invasion of Iraq where surprise ambushes were the main cause of human losses, and where they faced an unpredictable enemy with a much greater movement capacity, where war strategies were not efficient, very similar to the way some criminal groups operate in Mexico.

A workshop on Human Behavior Pattern Recognition & Analysis which is the basis for being able to read human behavior and be able to predict violence, taught by the people to whom General Mattis personally commissioned this program.

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A unique opportunity to train with the parents of situational awareness, which until now was only available to the US armed forces.

A hands-on workshop given by the creators of the Marines Combat Hunter program in the United States, the most successful program for recognizing and predicting violent incidents in unpredictable environments.

A full-day workshop on techniques for detecting and predicting potential violence through recognition of human behavior, the only proven system for detecting patterns of behavior that develops the ability to predict violent events.

HBPR&A is a technique to improve situational awareness while promoting advanced critical thinking. This skill set creates the ability to “read” human behavior. This means that anyone who masters it will be able to predict danger by reading the preceding signs and clusters.

Whether you’re on a battlefield, in a boardroom, or on the playground, this program has been shown time and again to develop a cognitive advantage that is critical to success.


Human Behavior Pattern Recognition & Analysis

Making Order out of Chaos…

All people, events, and vehicles give off certain ‘signals’ when they are measured against context, relevance, and societal or environmental baselines. Once learned, the operator can read these ‘signals’ as anomalies or as benign behaviors.

Learning how to quickly establishing a baseline and then detecting and acting on these anomalies is the essence of Human Behavior Pattern Recognition & Analysis.

  • Entrenamiento SPAR: Sense-making, Problem-solving, Adaptability, and; Resilience and using ACT Advanced Critical Thinking to make legal, moral, and ethical decisions when necessary.
  • Societal factors Most Dangerous Course of Action (MDCOA) determination using Proxemic indicators.
  • Physical factors MDCOA determination using Biometric indicators.
  • Environmental factors MDCOA determination using Geographic and Atmospheric indicators.
  • Cognitive factors MDCOA determination using Heuristic indicators.
  • Kinesic factors MDCOA determination using body language or paralanguage to support reasonable conclusions.
  • Psychological stances and universal Emotional Signatures:

Arcadia Cognerati is a small, agile team of Human Behavior Pattern Recognition & Analysis experts who believe that risk should be mitigated, not managed.