Byron Rodgers

Byron Rodgers

Executive Protection Lifestyle

Byron Rodgers is a United States Marine Corps combat veteran turned private security professional.

He has successfully conducted executive protection operations in 60+ countries and counting over the course of the last decade and has consistently worked every client demographic the private security industry has to offer.

Byron is a published author of the book, “Finding Meaning After the Military” and a double psychology major with his Master’s in the Science of Psychology minoring in Forensic Psych from North Central University.

As the CEO of Bravo Research Group, his mission is the same as it’s always been, “To give clients more than what they pay for and establish relationships that will last a lifetime.”

He believes that through diligence, flexibility, communication, and consistent learning there is no obstacle that he, his team, and his clients cannot overcome in order to arrive at a formula that works perfectly and specifically for each and every one of them on an individual level. With the grittiness of an infantry Marine and the refinement of a corporate executive protection agent, Byron Rodgers brings a firmness, finesse, and intelligence to the industry that his clients, teammates, and employees value as well as appreciate.

s a protector by nature as well as by trade he hosts a very large and influential private security podcast called, “Executive Protection Lifestyle“, where the slogan is, “private security is more than just a job, it is a lifestyle.” On an individual level, Byron dedicated his life to the private security industry finding love and passion for his clients and what he does that is rare amongst professionals within any vocation.