Christian West

Christian West

Founder of AS Solution

Christian West decided to create AS Solution, one of the top 5 executive protection companies in the world, because he couldn’t find another one he wanted to work for: Something that would replace standard security with a dedication to keeping clients safe, but also happy and productive, all based on a solid understanding of the corporate culture and personal preferences of the protectee.

A hands-on professional who leads from the front, Christian has developed and led protection programs in more than 170 countries for more than 25 years. He has worked all areas of protection from undercover to high-risk, government, corporate, celebrity, and high net worth, and has advised governments on maritime security, large event, and critical infrastructure protection.

Christian has served as a close protection agent, team leader, EP specialist, EP manager, and high-level consultant for many Fortune 500 companies and has also directed security efforts for world tours for major artists and the world’s largest IPO. In addition to his ongoing efforts to professionalize the EP industry through leadership roles in ASIS and the IPSB, Christian is a sought-after speaker, EP trainer, and security advisor in Europe and the United States.

An active blogger who has written dozens of blogs on executive protection, Christian has also co-authored two successful books on executive protection: Corporate Executive Protection: An Introduction for Corporations and Security Professionals (2016) and Public figures, Private Lives: An Introduction to Protective Security for High Net Worth Individuals and Family Offices (2018). Christian has successfully founded, led and sold two leading executive protection companies, AS Solution and West Security. He founded Asgaard Technologies to bring to market ProtectionManager, the world’s first app suite designed exclusively for the executive protection industry.

Christian is the founder and CEO of AS Solution, which was one of the world’s leading providers of executive protection and secure transportation services. From its inception in 2003, AS Solution grew into a group of companies with more than 600 employees and 14 offices around the world until its acquisition by Allied Universal.